Perzina GP-152 Demo

$8,990 $11,990
Length (cm) 152
Width (cm) 151.5
Serial number 200309
Year of construction 2015
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A very young showroom example of this grand piano. The grand is only a few years old and still in new condition.

At Perzina we guaranty quality. Equipped with the ESQ feature, which means that 90% of the materials come from Germany and other European countries such as England, France and Austria. Under the supervision of Bol, Perzina grew to be a product that matches the big brands in sound and quality. The pianos have a floating convex soundboard and comb from spruce (exclusive, patented by Bol cs), which extends the speaking string part by 20%. Perzina has its own unique mechanism that is manufactured with the most modern techniques using high-quality natural materials. There is no use of plastic parts as you find them in Japanese pianos. The German hammerheads are from C.Bechstein (depending on model). Perzina grand pianos are equipped with a similar quality Renner mechanism as Bosendorfer, Steinway & Sons, Seiler and Bechstein.

Affordable, fully handmade pianos and grands. Equipped with the latest technology: Perzina is an unparalleled experience in price/quality. The leading American book, The Piano Book, written by Larry Fine, tests all new pianos and grand pianos annually and then places them in categories. Perzina is in the same category as the well-known quality brands such as Yamaha, Kawai and Boston. Come and listen to the harmonic quality in terms of sound, architecture and price.