Kawai K-20 (1969)

Heigth (cm) 124
Width (cm) 148
Depth (cm) 61
Serial number 324419
Year of construction/restoration 1969/2019
Shop Veenendaal

Factory new restored Kawai at Bol pianos:
  • New polyester varnish / white hgl. available
  • Pedals and hinges polished
  • Sound board repainted
  • Softfall keypad
  • New key covers
  • felt replacement
  • Japanese origin / quality certificate

Bol Pianos & Grand pianos is the only company in Europe to offer more than 500 reconditioned kawai pianos & grand pianos with a five-year certificate guarantee. All instruments have undergone a complete mechanical revision. This means that the hammers, strings and dampers have been replaced or are still of original excellent quality. The sound boards are carefully checked, sanded and repainted to ensure optimal sound and long life. The cabinets are painted in new high gloss black or white.