Yamaha DYUS 1E3 Silent

$9,990 $13,990
Heigth (cm) 131
Width (cm) 149
Depth (cm) 63
Serial number 6342973
Yearof construction 2013
Shop Veenendaal

The Yamaha YUS was built from 1980 to 1982 and is a somewhat less well known model from Yamaha's hand-built series. It has the same qualities as the better known UX-1.

This is one of the best Yamaha pianos made. The Yamaha YUS piano is a hand built version of the Yamaha U3 piano. This Yamaha silent piano also has a Disklavier system built in. This is the self-playing system of Yamaha.

Both the self-playing system and the silent system are originally built in from the factory. This is a very young copy from 2013. This Yamaha piano is now extra sharp discounted. The new price is DKK 19,564.

The Yamaha U1 silent piano is very popular in the Netherlands. We have several silent systems in our assortment. We also have with some regularity Yamaha U1 silent pianos with original, factory built Yamaha silent system. However, we usually offer a universal silent system. The big advantage of this is that you can choose a piano completely according to your wishes, where we then build in a silent system. This means you are not stuck to a limited choice of silent pianos, but you can choose from our full range.